State in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Filled with conservative rich, white men who own shotguns and buy the moonshine produced in the rural areas of the state. One of the state mottos is "Virginia is for lovers." This should be more appropriately be changed to, "Virginia is for lovers - SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY."
There are few forward-thinking individuals in Virginia.
by bikehorn January 02, 2005
The Commonwealth of Virginia is a southern state with a highly diverse population. The inhabitants are largely technocrats, rednecks and otakus, or some combination thereof. Northern Virginia tends to identify more with DC than the Commonwealth as it is the home of the civil servants and bureaucrats that run the federal government. Although distinct regions have their own identities, people of all types listed above can be found all over the State.

The Commonwealth was an important player in national politics for the first 100 years of the USA’s existence, being the birthplace of several notable Presidents and other national leaders. In the Civil War, Virginia joined the Confederacy and became the site of many of the war’s most important battles and the Confederate capital.

Today, Virginia is part of the South that is rising again, at least in terms of high-tech industry.
What would Stonewall Jackson think of Inuyasha? Only someone in Virginia would conceive of such a question. Scary. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
by Grand Admiral Thrawn July 11, 2005
Pronounced the exact same as the state. Ginny for short.
Virginia is a great person who is always willing to help. Usually a Blonde bombshell. Friendly, smart and so much more, she really has everything going for her.
Hello Virginia..WOW, your smart, blonde and friedly! What a great combination!
by V123 April 12, 2009
Down where the South begins !
Virginia is for The FFVs- the true bastillion of the blue blooded Southern Artiocracy. Virginia is full of gracious plantation homes, home to Robert E. Lee, spoonbread, sweet tea, Brunswick Stew, and Country Music Legend Patsy Cline and wonderful singer-songwriter Meade Skelton. Many Yankees and tranplants who are jealous of this heritage out of ignorance will put old Virginia down. And even try to change our glorious state song. But we shall pervail !
by VirginiaBlueBlood August 16, 2005
a girl who is loveing and will take anyone in need and give them all she can. shes a mother of many even if it isnt her own blood. she has a heart of gold and is amazeing inside and out. if her fortune was a penny and you were in need of a penny she would give it to you not expecting anything in return. everyone loves her and she is a gift to this planet
virginia i love her
by goodness1233654789 May 06, 2010
Home to great history, beautiful scenery, southern hospitality--yes, isn't it hard to imagine people actually being friendly and polite !--and smoking hot southern women.
Look at that handsome southern gentleman and that gorgeous southern belle, I bet they're from Virginia.
by r.e.leeXXVIII April 25, 2007
First state with more history than any other state in the U.S. and unfortunatly some of the oldest cities which are broken down and constantly being constructed on IE. Richmond, and Norfolk.

Also unfortunatly, Richmond and DC rival each other as being on top 10 most dangerous US cities as well as murder capitol at some point with Norfolk being on there too, and don't move to VA Beach unless you like gangs.

Overall though, the state has a wave of history to it and many historical battle museums. Great for taking a class field trip to.
What's the best state to visit historic america? VIRGINIA!!!
by Bethany Adams April 28, 2005
One who possesses extreme beauty and elegance usually with red hair and large breasts. Sexy beyond comparison. Extremely talented in bed. Second to none.
That woman over there is so hot, she must be a Virginia.
by Rod Ramathorn May 04, 2010

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