Purple Kush
Lil Wayne - "I got the world in my wallet, Swisher full of violet."
by GCSRT8 December 07, 2011
A sweet, beautiful, and intelligent woman. Who closes up emotionally, after she realizes you're a douche.
You're a annoying drunk asshole. She's a sweet violet, time to move on.
by zevonfan December 05, 2010
A name reserved for only the real girls.
Violet is usually a breathtaking girl that when she walks down the street you cant help but stare.

Generally speaking, the name reflects the girl's outstanding beauty (like a violet), her talent for classical music (like the violin), and—occasionally—her unholy temper (like violence).
*Violet walks down the street of NYC*
Everyone's head turn and she pretends not to notice.
by gabbple February 16, 2011
A person who shows characteristics of a champion. A person who finds ways to win under all circumstances. An amazing distance runner.
Wow she's fast!!! thats so violet
by ddcimbh February 05, 2010

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