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A person who shows characteristics of a champion. A person who finds ways to win under all circumstances. An amazing distance runner.
Wow she's fast!!! thats so violet
by ddcimbh February 05, 2010
Violet is a beautiful, loving, socially conscious girl with a great sense of humor. She has amazing fashion sense and everyone wants to be her friend. While she is popular, she uses her powers for good, not evil. She steps in to help the nerds who are being bullied by the jocks and stands up for what is right. She is very intelligent and will likely end up going to Oxford.
what an amazing girl - she must be a Violet!
by little miss pr February 03, 2010
Violet is a beautiful, loving, socially conscious girl with a great sense of humor. She has amazing fashion sense and everyone wants to be her friend. Shge also is a person that has been through everything and overcomes lifes adversities to become a better person. One who is very thorough in every aspect of life. A family person who loves unconditionally and with everything she has. When life kicks her down she comes back up immediately with even more strength and a better outlook on life. She ius a real girl & sooo popular!
She dances like there's nobody watching,
Loves like she's never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And lives like it's heaven on earth.
* Violet walks down the street of Miami*
Everyone stops & stares

by queenswag18 October 27, 2013
A crazy cat-lady, she is also my father. She has issues with people who wear braces and like margarine. Disregarding the fact that she had braces herself. She has brown hair and cat eyes which are green. She has a dog that rapes her cats.
'What did she say?'
'I think her name's Violet.'
'Makes sense.'

'Stay away from my children!'
by BANJOESRCOOL September 10, 2012
a beautiful flower or an extremely sexy girl. a flirtatious, crazy person can be referred to as a Violet. The flower is found in Africa; see African Violets and a Violet girl is found wearing hoop earrings and smiling.
Random Savillion: "Did you see that girl dancing at the club last night?"
Urban Adolescent: "Yeah, dude. She was such a VIOLET."

Random Savillion: "Those flowers are beautiful."
Urban Adolescent: "They're violets."
by nicebananas April 27, 2008
Purple Kush
Lil Wayne - "I got the world in my wallet, Swisher full of violet."
by GCSRT8 December 07, 2011
A sweet, beautiful, and intelligent woman. Who closes up emotionally, after she realizes you're a douche.
You're a annoying drunk asshole. She's a sweet violet, time to move on.
by zevonfan December 05, 2010
A name reserved for only the real girls.
Violet is usually a breathtaking girl that when she walks down the street you cant help but stare.

Generally speaking, the name reflects the girl's outstanding beauty (like a violet), her talent for classical music (like the violin), and—occasionally—her unholy temper (like violence).
*Violet walks down the street of NYC*
Everyone's head turn and she pretends not to notice.
by gabbple February 16, 2011