a beautiful flower or an extremely sexy girl. a flirtatious, crazy person can be referred to as a Violet. The flower is found in Africa; see African Violets and a Violet girl is found wearing hoop earrings and smiling.
Random Savillion: "Did you see that girl dancing at the club last night?"
Urban Adolescent: "Yeah, dude. She was such a VIOLET."

Random Savillion: "Those flowers are beautiful."
Urban Adolescent: "They're violets."
by nicebananas April 27, 2008
Top Definition
Violet is a beautiful, loving, socially conscious girl with a great sense of humor. She has amazing fashion sense and everyone wants to be her friend. While she is popular, she uses her powers for good, not evil. She steps in to help the nerds who are being bullied by the jocks and stands up for what is right. She is very intelligent and will likely end up going to Oxford.
what an amazing girl - she must be a Violet!
by little miss pr February 03, 2010
Violet is a beautiful, loving, socially conscious girl with a great sense of humor. She has amazing fashion sense and everyone wants to be her friend. Shge also is a person that has been through everything and overcomes lifes adversities to become a better person. One who is very thorough in every aspect of life. A family person who loves unconditionally and with everything she has. When life kicks her down she comes back up immediately with even more strength and a better outlook on life. She ius a real girl & sooo popular!
She dances like there's nobody watching,
Loves like she's never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And lives like it's heaven on earth.
* Violet walks down the street of Miami*
Everyone stops & stares

by queenswag18 October 27, 2013
Violet is an overall amazing person. She has high hopes and loves to be loved. She may make some mistakes here and there, but she will straighten them out eventually. She is kind, honest, loving, beautiful, and funny. Her big blue eyes will make your heart stop. She has the perfect little nose and gorgeous flowing hair. If you ever get Violet to fall in love with you, don't let her go. She's perfect.
Person 1: I think I love Violet
Person 2: Does she love you?
Person 1: I hope so.

Person 2: Don't ever let her go, mate
by inlovewithacolor November 20, 2014
A particularly quiet girl, sometimes naïve, but is sensitive and compassionate. A Violet is very loving and loyal, she is a very good partner because cheating is a word that is irrelevant to her. She is very intelligent and is a bookworm. She is very attractive but is to shy to flirt all the time. Violet is one of the most caring people you will ever meet...
Dude 1: Are you seriously dating Violet?
Dude 2: Yeah, you jelly?
by raven3648 May 06, 2015
The name of a badass kickass girl with big blue eyes. Everyone either loves her, hates her, or hates to love her.
Dude she scares me. She must be a Violet.

Dude, she is so cute! She must be Violet!
by FluffFaceTheBae June 04, 2016
Violet is a kind, beautiful, funny girl who has shoulder length brown hair. She is very sporty, in fact she is the fastest at short distance running in her school.
Although she is an amazing person, be really careful not to upset her because she can get very fiesty.
Jake: OMG Regan look it's that hot girl Violet 😎
Regan: Yeah she's so hot u would never get a chance to be with her lol

Jake: HEY!
by @poopypoopoo June 12, 2016
A big bitch who has no fashion what so ever and is a big bully to people.needs boys and makeup.
Oh my gosh is that violet??
Yes omfg she's bulling people!!
by Carlosebaby May 05, 2016
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