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Something today's youth are probably ignorant of.
I just bought AC/DC's For Those About To Rock on vinyl. It kicks ass!
by TallicaD00dX July 02, 2004
A polymer compound misrepresented by a certain female known by some as Gypsy
Vinyl be vinyl not music.
by horakhty November 08, 2011
flooring product, normally laid in wet areas, kitchen, bathroom, toilet , laundry. normally comes 2-3 metres wide and on a roll about 30 metres long. need vinyl laid ? ruedi nz 021 030 5761 :)
that vinyl layer has done a fantastic job - ruedi nz ++64 21 030 5761
a mysterious human creature found roaming the streets by dark
the vinyls were out
by gladis knight March 29, 2009
Cool, Awesome, Punx
Dude...new slang is so vinyl.
Retro, old school.
Dude, that vintage t-shirt is so vinyl!
by SB May 21, 2004