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4 definitions by TallicaD00dX

Just a group of people, just like everyone else.
I have a friend who is persian, so all you mother fuckers who want to bash them can fucking go to hell!
by TallicaD00dX May 03, 2005
430 177
Thrash metal band, AKA thrash metal gods.
Testament's eighties stuff makes my neck sore.
by TallicaD00dX August 13, 2004
220 34
A word that's used to describe something (mainly fashion and music) that is "hip" and "cool". Many times MTV uses this word to hide the fact that they are secretly trying to turn it's viewers into drones who look exactly alike, and like the same music.
Fashion and music should be something someone actually likes because they think it's cool, not because everyone else thinks it is.
by TallicaD00dX August 13, 2004
226 106
Something today's youth are probably ignorant of.
I just bought AC/DC's For Those About To Rock on vinyl. It kicks ass!
by TallicaD00dX July 02, 2004
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