A town in Brevard County, Florida, (between the cities of Rockledge and Melbourne) that is built on a cattle ranch. Also known for its' large amount of rich people. This town has a huge outdoor shopping mall known as The Avenues, a place where all the cool kids hang out on the weekends to watch movies or loiter around.
Kid 1: "I live in Viera"

Kid 2: "You must be rich..."
by Jman1118 February 27, 2011
Top Definition
A shop/clothing brand located in Melbourne Florida that carries the best footwear, streetwear and skateboarding brands in the universe.
Also known as VIERA ride shop
by VRSLEJ February 28, 2009
1-(n)great looks;;in other word hot!!!2) believes everything you say,outgoing, funny.3)fun to be with. 4)girly 5)always have one person in mind.6)cares alot for a friend.7)airhead 8)gets mad easly and forgives easly.
She dresses so viera.
Ofcourse she went out she is viera.
by MARIO146 August 23, 2008
A race from the Final Fantasy series, especially Tactics Advance, XII, and TA2 for DS. A race of forest dwelling females with large, bunny like ears, which they use to listen to the spirit world, making them capable mages and summoners. Notable Viera include Ritz and Shara from FFTA, Fran and Mjrn from FFXII, etc.
Dude, my viera Summoner just Doublecasted summon spells and owned the crap out of those monsters!
by aka_Pyro May 05, 2007
It comes from the verb: ver that means to see. Viera means to see in the future, a spanish word.

It could also come from a part of a word,HUVIERA. Used ONLY in past sentences. Which means -could have, should of, had, would have.
-Si yo viera el sol caer.
-If i saw the sun fall.
-Si yo Viera a Viera.
-If i saw Viera.

-Huvieramos hido ayer ala playa.
-We should of gone to the beach yesterday.

-Si Huviera estudiado me Huviera sacado una A.
-If i had studied i would have gotten an A.
by dennisse May 07, 2009
See twat, see overrated, see tosser.
Viera, whooooa-oh.
Viera, whooooa-oh.
He gave Giggsy the ball.
And Arsenal won fuck all.
by Tajiri October 26, 2004
Twat who likes to spit at people, use his elbows and will play for who ever pays him most. A play thing for Sol Campbell
he wants to leave the scum, cos campbell wants his bum.
by michaels cained August 25, 2004
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