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Vidisha Definition 1:
A place where 2 lines intersectes; a place where anything 2 intersectes.

Vidisha Definition 2:
1. Awesome
2. Smart
3. Cool
4. Friendly
5. Kind
Vidisha Definition 3:
A queen in Indian mythology that was the wife of the most powerful person in the world and she saved the world from getting riped from war between humans and humans.

Vidisha Definition 4:
The best person for everything also the right person for the appropriate job.
Definition 1:
OMG! this is so much like a vidisha! we just intersected again!

Definition 2:
That is such a Vidisha. I want to be a Vidisha.

Definition 3:
I read that Vidisha was a queen. She is the most honored female.

Definition 3:
I would like to choose a person that is a Vidisha, because that person would be the best!
by Valkyrie Claine October 24, 2009
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