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When you are basically in a stalemate in the progression of your video game, it is a Video game stalemate. It differs than being just "stuck" in a certain part, because it involves not being able to do a certain thing, because your weapons suck, so you need new ones, but you dont have enough gold/credits/whatever to buy new weapons until you beat that certain thing. It is a very annoying situation.
John Doe: Aw man, I'm in a video game stalemate on (insert game name here)
John Doe 2: How so?
John Doe: I can't beat level 5 on (insert game name here) because my equipment sucks, and I can't get the money to buy new equipment until I beat level 5.
John Doe 2: That sucks. Use a gameshark.
by Overlord Oozumpti July 09, 2009
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