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The frakin coolest yet very boring town. Known for onions. Nobody not from there can say the name right.Very absorbed into the game of football!
1."Im bored."
2."wanna go to walkmart??"
3."nah, id rather go watch the vidalia high school football game."
4."oh yea. i heard they got new gear!"
by PAYDRO March 13, 2009
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Vidalia, GA, home of the sweet Onion. Next to Lyons, which is technically where the onions are grown but Lyons onion doesn't sound as good, apparently.
A small, small, did i say small town with nothing in it but a Walmart, a couple good Mexican restaurants and a shitton of onions.
Northerners like to pronounce it wrong.
It's V-eye-day-lee-uh. Get it right.
Only go there if you really like cockroaches, football, hunting, and creepy giant onions named Yumion who lurk in random alleyways.

Go Indians. ;)
1. Let's go to Walmart. Everyone in Vidalia will be there.
2. Ever had a Vidalia Sweet Onion? No? Well go to the Onion festival. They eat them like apples there.
by PhillipSeymour December 15, 2010
1)The gayest town in all the land. Known for growing sweet onions.

2)Term describing a type of onion (usually sweet)
"Yall had any vidalia onions? There sweet tasing"
"Yall been to that town of vidalia? Its so gay there"
by Jack April 03, 2005

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