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The best friend anyone could ask for, she is sweet and nice even though she uses violence and sarcasm to hide her inner feelings and kindness. Vickey is a musical genius and is still learning. She may not have the best luck with guys but I know there's someone out there waiting for her. Vickey is kinda tall, brunette, skinny and curvy and definatly beautiful despite how much she doesn't believe it. I love Vickey so much, thanks for being my best friend, Madeline White.
Random Person: Who is that gorgeous:, kind perfect person over there???

ME(proudly): That's Vickey, my best friend in the whole world!!!
by ryansheasgirlfriend April 30, 2009
A Mexican/Hispanic who is ugly and funny she always thinks she wins arguments
But she got parachute boobs...like damn they big
You seen a Mexican with big boobs??
You mean Vickey she just went to the store.
by TwistedFuture February 14, 2014