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(Verb): When a member of your crew has been found deceitful about sexual conquests, as well as found guilty of speaking ill of the crew, the situation calls for a Vicectomy.

A Vicectomy is the democratic right of the offended crew to both ex-communicate this member from the crew, as well as, expose any further lies and deceptions publically.

Tell tale symptoms that your crew needs a Vicectomy include, but are not limited too: Crew Member Confidence Squandering; Testimony of ED from claimed sexual conquests; Obscurely timed family obligations during bro social gatherings; and finally Severe cock and relationship blocking.

If your group detects one of its members may in fact be guilty of any of the above, perhaps it is time for a vicectomy.
Did you hear about those massive violations of guy code? I think its time to separate the group. We need a vicectomy.

Yoo did you get with that girl last night?

...nahhh there were complications. I think our group needs a vicectomy.

Yoo is everyone going to be here tonight?

...nahh one of our own is going to an 11:42pm movie with his mother and long lost younger half cousin.

I think we need a vicectomy.

Vicectomy Complete.
by Team Bro Code December 29, 2011
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