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An Indian disease spread from a student after being owned in any type of game. This disease has been known around the Middle East since 2005, proved to be quite deadly and contagious. Avoid losing to game or losing to anyone with the name Vibhav.
There are currently ten cases of this rare disease found. Symptoms of the disease includes:
1. Being abused a lot
2. Losing after losing a game
3. Cannot understand the definition Vibhav above
by NameTaker November 26, 2007
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Vibhav is the grossest human alive! He tries to be cool in many ways, but it is too funny to watch. He smells like he was born in a dumpster. No girls will ever find him attractive. He will try to go with the crowd, but when he does everyone normally stops. A man (weirdo) who wears clothing from justice, but doesn't know it it is for girls.
Class: Let's go Jordan, let's go! *clap clap clap*
Vibhav: ya Jordan let's go!

*everyone stops*
by Hebshakfshsk May 25, 2017
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