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When your having a good time then somebody uninvited shows up and kills the good time you were having. Being high and drunk is optional.
James is such a vibe killer no one ever has fun around him
by jtjones3692 January 09, 2009
Vibe Killer (VK)

Someone who brings the vibe down, and makes what was previously a highly amusing and entertaining situation, or, a potentially good time, seem a lot worse.
1. Somebody get James Chandler a VK

2. Last year James Chandler worked as a VK representative, and was fired for drinking too much of the company's merchandise.

3. James Chandler is a douchebag. VK.

4. James Chandler was absolutely VK'd last night!!!

5. I was going to go out but that Vibe Killer James Chandler made me change my mind
by Vibe marshall May 05, 2011
(noun) A person who intentionally kills your "game" or prevents others from having fun.
Kyle is a vibe killer, lets not invite him out with us.
by tee25* December 12, 2010