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When your having a good time then somebody uninvited shows up and kills the good time you were having. Being high and drunk is optional.
James is such a vibe killer no one ever has fun around him
by jtjones3692 January 09, 2009
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Vibe Killer (VK)

Someone who brings the vibe down, and makes what was previously a highly amusing and entertaining situation, or, a potentially good time, seem a lot worse.
1. Somebody get James Chandler a VK

2. Last year James Chandler worked as a VK representative, and was fired for drinking too much of the company's merchandise.

3. James Chandler is a douchebag. VK.

4. James Chandler was absolutely VK'd last night!!!

5. I was going to go out but that Vibe Killer James Chandler made me change my mind
by Vibe marshall May 05, 2011
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(noun) A person who intentionally kills your "game" or prevents others from having fun.
Kyle is a vibe killer, lets not invite him out with us.
by tee25* December 12, 2010
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The person who waits for a good group conversation to start going underway before messing it up with an awkward statement or joke that's lightyears away from being funny that's not even related to the conversation.
Person 1: that party was awesome dawg. We should get those girls to come to the next one.
Person 2: Word bro.
Vibe killer: I'm getting head like a pillow
by tpmassive October 19, 2014
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by Jorgiemuw November 29, 2016
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