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Another Quebecker religious swear. It is a variation of "vierge" as in the virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. The original word "vierge" is never used as a swear. Viarge is a seldom used swear but can sometimes achieve spectacular effects. It is mainly used as an expression or adverb.

Note : The derivative verb "Déviarger" is not however related to the religious aspect of the word but rather refers to the act of removing virginity.
1.Can be used as an expression, Usually when surprised or pissed off.

ex: "Viarge ! " ( Jesus ! ) ( Christ ! )
ex: "Viarge du Criss !! " ( Holy mother of Jesus Christ !!)

2. Can be used as an Adverb. Usually to add strength to a statement.

ex: " Ca tire en Viarge ! " (It really kicks ass ! )
ex: " Lui je l'hais en Viarge ! " ( I really hate this guy ! )
by EvilMaxWar January 07, 2010
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