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a girl who's name doesn't start with a "b"
because she's too cool for that.
Girl1: Hey, have you met Vianca?
Girl2: Who? Bianca?
Girl1: Noo, VVianca. (:
by AndreaCakes May 01, 2008
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A girl too beautiful for words... not someone to mess with because she WILL speak her mind... will find out ANYTHING about ANYBODY... the greatest person you will ever meet!!!
I love Vianca!!!
by Solerman July 06, 2011
She's the one you will never forget, she's unique, funny, loving and always memorable, she has something about her that will make you love her forever…. She will always be the one that got away because she's such a free spirit and will always move on. You can't help but think about her. She has the biggest heart and will always be beautiful inside and out. There is just something about her smile and her big brown eyes that will always remain in my heart. She is very spontaneous and loves to kiss.
Who is that?

Her name is Vianca.
Do you know her?
No I don't but everyone knows that's Vianca.
by rememberme27 February 20, 2013
A bad azz girl that will kick your ass.. a great person to be around always bright and makes
others around her happy and most likley the wildest sex machine known to man..
Vianca is BADASS
VIANCA is badass
by O.G. BADASS July 01, 2013

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