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1) a person who constantly has bruises and cuts that they dont know how they got them
2) a socially akward person
3) falling up stairs and seriously hurting oneself.
She pulled a veyla!
Why are you such a veyla?!
by rawrmeansiloveyouindinosaur October 25, 2009
1. Someone who is basically a loser
2. A female version of Napolian Dynamite
3. Very socially awkward in every situation
4. Like's to ruin interviews
1. Wow're a loser.
2. "I love tater tots sooo much!"-Veyla

"You are the definition of Napolian Dynamite"-Random kid
3."...and I said, that's not a Saint Bernard, that's my Grandmother!" says kid to a group of friends.

"HAHAHA! You're so funny! I think I love you..."-Veyla

Kids slowly walk away not making eye contact with her.
4. "So tell me about your job?"-Interviewer

"Hahaha! It says 69! That's kinda really great!"-Veyla looking at something that says 69.
by mooshi800 November 13, 2009
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