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A sexy vixen. An adjective to describe a sexy, ill-tempered, quarrelsome woman.
Yo, I'm tryin' to holla that vexy chick over there. She mad fine, but she don't take no junk.
by vexythree March 19, 2010
Of, or pertaining to, vexillology, the study of flags.
"Just saw a documentary on state flags. It was quite vexy."

"Just attended a conference on flags. Lost of vexy stuff."
by RoundenBrown July 27, 2013
very sexy

I thought of very and sexy and combined the two together, and that translated to vexy.
1. Yo, that chick was so vexy. I want to do her.

2. That vexy chick, she's da bomb!
by Kdawg January 31, 2005

adjective: Vexy; comparative adjective: Vexier; superlative adjective: Vexiest

1. (Usually in reference to a person) so sexually attractive that it is frustrating, annoying or worrying to an observer or to the 'vexy' person themselves.

2. (Usually in reference to a person) An implied comparison between the speaker and the entity; referring to a wish for another's display of sexual attractiveness; jealousy over how sexually attractive another thing is.

3. Appealing or is wanted by the speaker.
1. "That girl is one vexy vixen."

2. "She's so vexy. It isn't fair."

3. "That globe is vexy."
by Projekt_Alpha December 09, 2014
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