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Something that is a real 'waste' or 'useless' or 'of poor quality', according to Tamil schoolboys or in Madras Bashai.

Can be associated to objects/people etc.
1)Adhu Vethu bat da( That Bat is waste/useless)

2) "Super figureku 500 rooba. Mokka figureku 200 rooba. Vethu Figureku 100 rooba. Adha vidavum atta figureku 1000 rooba, enna adhu Doctor Fees!"

Means '500 rupees for a super chick. 200 rupees for a bad chick. 100 rupees for a 'waste' chick. 1000 rupees for a really horrible chick,as doctor fees!
#mokka #attu #waste #figure #tamil words #madras bashai
by Der Gran Torino June 12, 2011
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