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a expression used by under paid waiters at the Olive Garden. Those that use this expression, were most likely homeschooled and never had the opportunity to have school based physical education course.
A person that has used this phrase while serving a couple one night at a local Olive Garden, with his wine napkin resting on his left forearm all night and a big weggy, while the couple eat their favorite dishes, will more than likely be your waiter for the night.
If you are a waiter and you love to occasionally check on your guest, kindly approach the table with a wine napkin rested over your left forearm. Take a moment and say, "Is there anything that I get you"? If the guest response is No. Nicely, take a step back say, "VeryWhether" and walk off with your chin up and a big weggy.
by Sirg! September 13, 2010
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