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Being in the statte of almost bisexuality. Like liking a person of the same sex, except the reproductive organ... which happens to be at the bottom

Comes from the combination of the word "Vertex" and "Bisexual." the vertex being the top part of something, ie above the waist of a human.
Person 1 : "no offense but it seems like a sexual relationship to me"

person 2 : "well if it is sexual it is from the waist up"

person 1: "so you're an above-the-waist lesbian"

person 1 : "yea, well, no, i still get turned on by looking at boys.

person 2: "So you're bisexual."

person 1 : "but im scared of other people's va-jay-jays"

person 2: "So you're-"


person 2: " i think you are vertisexual"
by Duckyllama July 25, 2009

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