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A verticaldrop is the verbal form of something known as: "dropping to zero" for either sobering up or losing everything.
"Drop To Zero"
The experience of when you are feeling like you have it all, then losing it all, after reality slowly starts to sink back in, step back as you drop back down to zero.....
A verticaldrop or v-drop (or either "vertical" or "drop" for super short terms) is when you either lose it all, or start sobering up.
Ex 1:
Guy 1: "dude, I'm coming off my highest peak rn."
Guy 2: "already on your vertical? Wow.."
Ex 2:
Guy 1: "dude, vdrop is already here, fuck.."
Guy 2: "this shit is strong as hell too, wtf!"
Ex 3:
Guy 1: "you're already at vertical??"
Guy 2: "yes, wtf!"
Ex 4:
Guy 1: "the verticaldrop just starting comin' in fast!!"
Guy 2: "this guy..."
by CJ203 July 10, 2016
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