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A slut, ho, jumpoff, etc.

Because a jumpoff is a slut, a "vert" is the slang for a basketball player's vertical jump.
Yo, that chick is a vert. She was with three of my mans.
by Jahnelle April 27, 2006
A generic term for any sort of sexual deviant- The same as pervert.
"Lock up your (Cabotages) that man is a vert."

"All this hanging around outside the school, i feel like a vert.
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006
A convertible whip.
66 impala white top vert drop
by pddaawwgg September 06, 2008
A term popular in miami used when refering to a convertible
That boy dropped the top on that vert
by MiC check August 21, 2005
to poo yourself in physical training attire.
opps!! i verts myself!
by 97xj July 07, 2010
A word used in an awkward situation.
"My mum caught me Poopsterbating last night"
by Southdowns college January 07, 2014
Short for verticle leap; such as in basketball the players jump with their verticle leap.
Dam...Michael Jordan has mad vert
by koko33 August 24, 2007
short for convertible.


to go vertical.


a type of skateboard ramp that launches you vertically.
i drove my vert up a vert and it went totally vert dude.
by MrDude_1 April 04, 2004