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A virtual pet site with approximately 30-100 people on at any given time. It hosts a variety of games (Flash and browser based), 40 different pet species to pick from(you cane have up to eight at a time), and a good economy. It also allows for gardening, questing, collecting, battling, and more.

Verpets has everything a good pet site needs from active boards to battling(expecting an amazing revamp) to pets in several different colors. Of course, the most popular colors are the special ones. (Viral, Death, Teacup, and Divine) But, there are also rarer pets: Berpunny, Bastille, Memoria, and Denmakl!

The "Ver-economy" allows members to earn points for buying from the main shops in the map(14 main shops, one of which does not yet restock) that they may spend in a special shop of hard to get items that can be used on pets or put into special collections.

The site also holds a Cash Shop for users who want to spend a few real dollars on account upgrades. Happily these items can also sometimes be earned in other ways and can be sold throughout the economy.

Overall Verpets earns a 8.7 out of 10 from me for being a friendly, active, and growing site that shows a lot of potential for its upcoming year.
Top Things to do at Verpets:
-Avatar Hunt
by Skirmish December 19, 2009

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