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Vernon Township High School- A High School in Vernon NJ where most students that look different, be it wearing a heavy metal shirt, doc martens and not being a aberzombie preppy idiot will get you in trouble with the faculty.
It is also the high school a girl got suspended for wearing a 4chan t-shirt since 4chan is considered a terrorist cult by the faculty. Stay away if you have a sense of humor, your own individual taste, are not fully white (since they are racist), and think that a conversation about your trip to abercrombie lasting 3 giggling hours is totally stupid. "Like OHMYGOD you had to see the abs on the boy there, like like"
I went to Vernon Township High School and now suffer from cold sweats and wake up screaming that the vice principal who looks like gollum is under my bed.
by blakabah December 12, 2012
Ah Vernon. Where to begin? If you value an upstanding institution where students can freely express their opinions and gain an outstanding education, don't go here. We are a people of test-takers. Basically, after finishing an exam of any kind (other then drug tests), our minds expel any information it might have once had. Once graduating from Vernon most people stand around and are like, "wtf do i do now?!" Students at VTHS are not prepared to go out into the world. The only place we are destined for is Sussex County Community College, where dreams go to die. THANK YOU DRUGS AND FACULTY!
I went to Vernon Township High School and now I work at a gas station.
by IsurvivedVTHS March 06, 2011
VTHS is a school where most of the extremely caucasion students refuse to accept the fact that there is no African blood in them. Although it is ranked one of the top 10 schools in NJ, anyone who goes here will simply go to SCCC just to continue living with their parents, saying that they're going to move to California and yet never do.

Also, you can get a contact high just by walking through the halls. Which is pretty bonkers considering the fact that, well, ITS ONE OF THE TOP TEN SCHOOLS IN THE FUCKING STATE. And due to the recent budget cuts (THANK YOU CHRISTIE YOU FAT FUCK YOU) this school has gone to an even bigger shit.
It's funny how the only thing I learned to do in Vernon Township High School was how to hide track marks.
by Pseudonymonious March 06, 2011

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