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It is when you get fucked by someone from Vermont
I want to get vermonted tonight!
by DTMCREW October 04, 2011
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To pull out in front of other automobiles, usually in a hurried and hasty manner, in order to drive as slowly as possible. This usually occurs during what native Vermonters call "leaf-peeping" season when tourists (called flat-landers by natives) pull into a thoroughfare as though they were still in New Jersey, only to drive as though a New Jersey patrol car were following them, with lights, and guns drawn.

A more factual investigation, however, shows that Vermonters themselves far more commonly "Vermont" other drivers -- hence, being "Vermonted" while driving your pregnant, and in labor, wife to a hospital. The "Vermonting" car is usually at least ten years old, out of inspection. and can easily be recognized by the half-dozen to dozen cars following it. The "Vermonting" care does not obey speed limits, choosing to drive at least 10 to 15 miles below the said speed limit.
Sorry, your grandmother died of old age in the backseat before we could get her home. We were Vermonted.
by upvtway February 25, 2014

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