Vermont has its perks. Theres not much to do here, but the four wheeling is amazing. Snowboarding kicks some major ass, we have some huge stoners here. Phish is from here. And of course Ben and Jerry's are from Vermont. If you know who to talk to you will have one hell of a time here. The tailgating parties here are sick. And yes. We have some amazing pot.
person 1: wow vermont is boring
person 2: shut up lets go to the bon fire
by SunKissedbebe19 July 10, 2006
Im a native Vermonter from the booming metropolis of Burlington. The magority of my graduating class are in jail, as there is no work to speak of, and if there was, the taxes are so high, the cost of living so rediculous that survival would still be beyond they're reach. I am a welder and have worked all over the country. I've met nice people everywhere except here in podunk, liberal, socialist, anus loving police state...I'm leaving this god forsaken place...and this time I intend to stay gone. VERMONT IS DEAD...Bury it!
vermont is hell on earth
by Jim Vento November 30, 2007
A land of magical wonder, filled with people so high that they don't realize they are actually in CANADA. Sure they have great skiing and wonderful mountain ranges, but they are fucking CANADIAN. Curling is NOT a real sport, so take your monopoly money and go buy some football cleats or something.
Person 1-Hey, have you met that chick Kelly?

Person 2-Oh, isn't she from canada?

Person 1-Ya, Vermont.
by TheAlbinoRhino September 22, 2010
a state where weed burns like gasoline and where it snows like a bitch. basically the best damn place in the world other than the rich flat landers and jews that now own all the mom and pop stores and the rich bastards in the state house that wipe the asses of all the rich jews. overun with smoked out hippies, subarus, and hicks its the coolest place on this fucking earth!!!!!!!! 802 represent bitches!!!!
bob: sally lets move i hate jew york i'm sick of being mugged every day.
sally: sweet heart lets move to Vermont.
bob: i dont know honey, i dont really want to be ass raped with taxes and yelled at by a bunch of rich kikes.
sally: your right sweet heart lets just pack a bowl and think of some thing else.
by jake magizatch bizatch November 28, 2007
Beware of a state as backward as a third-world country, as highly-taxed as Sweden, and thoroughly contaminated with Uranium-- in the drinking water and lakes and streams, in all products produced in the state-- their famous cheeses, dairy products, maple syrup, Organic sure, but so is Uranium. BEWARE!
Vermont State motto: " Guns, Meat, Pies, Cheese + Uranium
by gunsmeatpies+cheese August 16, 2008
A horrible state where horrible people are from. Everyone is so behind in fashion, pop culture and everything else. No one has cable, they all smoke pot and ruin normal people's lives. Vermont is the only state in the country that worships Grace Potter. (If you don't know who she is, you are not from vermont) Anyone who is not a redneck, hick, or hippie hates it.
Jane: I'm moving to Vermont next month.
Rob: I'm so sorry. That place is hell.
by Vermont Hater November 13, 2011
Save haven to pests of all kinds such as hippies, hicks, hillbillies, and homos. Prides itself on cheese, maple syrup, and ice cream, so fat people, take your self-consciousness-driven anger out on any Vermonter you see. Otherwise known for having nothing going on. Sales tax does exist there, but who cares, anyone with money to spend stays FAR away. Also has group of residents who want to willingly secede and create an independent country. Let 'em go. When we annex Cuba, we'll have an even 50 again.
Vermonter: I had nothing to do all year, so I decided to shoot up road signs, ride my snomobile, hunt, and drink cheap beer.
Other Vermonter: I'm in a perpetual acid flashback, and am under the impression that you have just sprung a third arm which is attracting all the woodland creatures.
3rd Vermonter: I'm a carpet muncher
by SitreadyRow March 27, 2009

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