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Vermont is a great place to visit, lots of things to do like ski and sightsee. Living here sucks though, it is mostly populated by Rednecks and pot smoking hippies, both of which are in overabundance. If your a moderate, VT SUCKS!!! Vermonters need to go to NJ to learn how to drive, 65 MPH really means 80 MPH you jackasses, and people wont get out of your way on the highway no matter how much you tailgate them or give them the finger. Girls up here are hit and miss, if your lucky enough to find one that shaves there legs, that means they are either a redneck (stay away) or semi-hott. Nothing like Jersey Girls. Summer sucks, rains every day. VT'ers think they are better than every other state, mostly because they havent seen other states. VT has a ridiculously high tax rate, and lots of poor people. Nowhere near as nice as a real state like New Jersey. Oh, and there are a bunch of dumbass hippies who started a movement to secede from the union. Unless you want to ski here stay away, AND DONT TALK TO THE LOCALS.
Vermont 'er-Our state is so great, we have no billboards and nothing to do.
NJ'er- This place sucks, rains everyday, and you fucking hippies need to learn how to drive. Lets go and have some real fun at the Jersey Shore!
by skiv43 August 11, 2008

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