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Vermont has its perks. Theres not much to do here, but the four wheeling is amazing. Snowboarding kicks some major ass, we have some huge stoners here. Phish is from here. And of course Ben and Jerry's are from Vermont. If you know who to talk to you will have one hell of a time here. The tailgating parties here are sick. And yes. We have some amazing pot.
person 1: wow vermont is boring
person 2: shut up lets go to the bon fire
by SunKissedbebe19 July 10, 2006
the whitest state ever. except if you go into burlington, then there's some diversity. but its about 98% white.
guy 1: wow, we've been here for 4 days and i dont think i've seen anyone who isnt white.
guy 2: we're in vermont, what the hell did you expect?
by kat22 December 31, 2010
It seems that 99% of the definitions written on this page were written by people who never lived here, or where so stoned they forgot where they were. Just to clarify a few things:

- Does not have more cows than people.. It's not even close IDK why anyone thinks this.
- There are almost no Ben and Jerry's left in the State. They are all moving out b/c there isn't a good market here and they got bought out.
- People are generally nice. There are dicks too just like in any state.
- All the "wanna-be gangsters" (there are like 7 total) live on one street in Winooski. So the odds of seeing those people is .00001%
- The weather is actually not that cold. It gets FREEZING for like a month, but most of the time it hovers nicely between 60 and 90. There are two weeks in July that often go above 90. Imagine a temp difference of over 100 degrees, that's what it's like.
-Someone said crime is rampant. You might think that if you're coming from...... I don't know the Maldives. I sleep with my doors open.
- Cheese, maple syrup, beef, beer, and music are as good as advertised.
- It's extremely rural, but the state is so small that it's never a long drive to Burlington, NY, Boston, Montreal etc.
- People say everyone are hicks. Oh, except the fact that we have UVM, Champlain College, and Middlebury, three very good schools.
- People say everyone is a liberal. That's SO not true. In any part other than Chittenden, Washington, or Rutland County, it's like a 50-50 split.
Guy from Vermont: Hey you want to drive up and spend the weekend on my couch? We just got 2' of snow!
Friend from New Jersey: Dude Vermont sucks, there's nothing to do and everyone is a dickhead.
Guy from Vermont: Uh, okay. *hangs up phone*
by Go deep! June 02, 2013
Pros- Ben & Jerry's Ice cream, Vermont made maple syrup, winter sports, quietness, nature, mountains, Vermont teddy bear factory, and variety of weather.

Cons- Rednecks, driving extensive amounts of time to get anywhere, weather usually keeps people indoors, weather is extremely unpredictable, smelly farms, no amusement parks, slow drivers, only 5 total shopping malls (only 2 of them are legit), bad roads, hippies, expensive taxes for no apparent reason, no beaches, and very limited employment options.

To conclude, obviously there are many more cons than pros... but to many, the pros are enough to outweigh the many cons. To some, Vermont is just too slow and boring.
by chicka from vt May 20, 2011
A beautiful bore, people stereotype Vermont as being all hippies but it is truly a mix of all social classes. In Burlington, you will see hippies, but you will also see a fair share of bros and Orvis catalog douche bags that just got done kayaking. Winooski has the white guys who wish they were black (see wigger), complete with baggy t-shirts, fake gold necklaces, and dirt staches. Then, in the backwoods of Vermont, you'll encounter hicks who manage to blend Canadian accents and ghetto slang with redneck drawl to produce a dialect similar to one you would hear out of a mentally handicapped rapper. Oh also, there are normal people who hate these other idiots more than people who live on the outside of the state, looking in.
"I can't wait to go back to Vermont and get back in touch with all the COLORFUL people. And by colorful, I mean weird white people because Vermont is 98% cracker-ass."
by Tavis August 05, 2008
Disregard the cutesy stuff (maple syrup, skiing, cheese, ice cream). Vermont is a state comprised of 50% trust funders (wannabe hippies, skiers, political activists from New York state) and 50% hillbillies that serve the trust funders' every whim. Vermont sucks slightly less than New Hampshire in that it is not totally bereft of cultural diversity. Vermont is a great place to live if you are wealthy and can winter somewhere else (well except for driving up from Westchester county to stay at your condo for some skiing on occasion).
Like, dude, I had to spend $8000 to keep my 1979 Volvo 240DL running. That was almost a tenth of my entire monthly trust fund check. I thought that I might have to cut back on my weed consumption but Dad paid for it. I only had to renew my promise never to return to Pound Ridge from Vermont.
by twinstates September 16, 2006
A state that can be good for some people and bad for others. For me it sucks, i hav lived here pretty much my whole childhood and it seems incomplete i think hunting, fishing, and skiing are boring as shit, maple syrup sucks, the only thing it got goin is cabot cheese and ben and jerrys (even tho its not locally owned anymore and was bought out by some bigass company) o ya and i like snomobiling, but other than that vt is filled with rednecks, hippies, wannabe gangstas and barely any hot chicks, i live out in the fucking woods in the middle of nowhere and if, tomoro, my parents said we were moving to an urban area, i would go berserk for the thought of having a night life...
Vermont sucks unless ur a redneck...
by Footballkid002 June 29, 2009
i just moved here and it's pretty sweet. very liberal, howard dean was our governor, we are one of the greenest states in the US, and everyone is really nice. other things to find here include phish, ben and jerry's, maple syrup, and vermont cheddar cheese. the 2nd least populated state behind wyoming, and the biggest city is burlington (less than 40,000 people). the only state with a capital (montpelier got like 8000 people) without a micky d's. gets hella cold in the winter, like right around zero or sometimes below at night. kickass skiing or snowboarding. medical marijuana is legal here, and the state legislature is thinking about lowing the drinking age to 18. some bad things are that there is like no diversity whatsoever (about 98% white) and it's very rural (which can also be a good thing).
i live in vermont BYAAAAAAHHHHH
by vermont person August 26, 2008