Vermont has its perks. Theres not much to do here, but the four wheeling is amazing. Snowboarding kicks some major ass, we have some huge stoners here. Phish is from here. And of course Ben and Jerry's are from Vermont. If you know who to talk to you will have one hell of a time here. The tailgating parties here are sick. And yes. We have some amazing pot.
person 1: wow vermont is boring
person 2: shut up lets go to the bon fire
by SunKissedbebe19 July 10, 2006
Home of the legendary John Deere, born and raised in the town of Rutland. Largely responsible for the big agricultural explosion around about 1830 due to his manufacturing of the first polished steel plow.
John Deere is a Vermonter.
by Detonator June 04, 2007
A state that is losing its tradition due to the influx of flatlanders; including hippies, rich out-of-staters, city slickers or suburban families who move into towns once booming with dairy farms and hard-working people, and now are bedroom communities for people who simply admire the landscape and want to leave the urban environment. Contrary to popular belief A real Vermonter is NOT a hippie, liberal, or stoner. Do us a favor and move to New Hampshire or Maine if you want to leave your ugly city. Let the real Vermont live in peace.
Fred Tuttle was a Vermont dairy farmer who beat carpetbagger Jack Mcmullen in Republican US Senate primary. He represented and preserved the essence of Vermont at a political level, eventually endorsing Senator Patrick Leahy, because if he did win, he would have to move out of his beloved home state of Vermont to Washington DC, a move not favorable to a passionate Vermonter.
by vermoner March 26, 2008
A land without many cities and McDonald's restaurants
Wow this country is just like Vermont: there are more hills than buildings. Now I wonder where everyone went?
by Koyaanisqatsi September 05, 2004
A beautiful bore, people stereotype Vermont as being all hippies but it is truly a mix of all social classes. In Burlington, you will see hippies, but you will also see a fair share of bros and Orvis catalog douche bags who just got done kayaking. Winooski has the white guys who wish they were black (see wigger), complete with baggy t-shirts, fake gold necklaces, and dirt staches. Then, in the backwoods of Vermont, you'll encounter hicks who manage to blend Canadian accents with Redneck drawl, yet slurring their speech like a rapper. Oh also, there are normal people who hate these other idiots more than people who live on the outside looking in.
"I can't wait to go back to Vermont and get back in touch with all the COLORFUL people. And by colorful, I mean weird white people because Vermont is 98% cracker-ass."
by Tavis July 20, 2008
Where to begin?

-Loaded with hicks
-The hippies are cool to hang with, and they act like the rednecks, just dress different
-Tasty local beers
-One of only 3 states you can carry a pistol concealed without a permit
-Gorgeous geography
-Lot of muddin' trails
-Great hunting and fishing

-High taxes (unfortunately the sales and income taxes do not help relieve the property tax).
-Restorative justice system (even my Liberal friends think a child rapist deserves more than 60 days in the slammer)
-Creepy towns- not as bad as what's in our major cities in the US, but by rural standards scary.
-Inbreds that make a native of Arkansas feel less ashamed.

-98% white- it doesn't matter if a place is 98% white or 98% black- diversity is a stupid thing to worry about. I actually knew a Black guy from VT that drove a pickup and loved beating on it- he's hick in my book.
-Democratic- if you ever want to see a full blown, stereotypical hillbilly, lifted truck, deer heads on wall, country singin' and tobacco chewin' redneck with an Obama sign in front of his shack- go to Vermont.
-Cheese and maple syrup...good stuff, but available in other states.
I saw a truck with a Vermont plate- it had a shotgun in the back window, a Rebel flag of all things, and an Obama sticker from the election.
by redneck_and_proud November 06, 2010
the whitest state ever. except if you go into burlington, then there's some diversity. but its about 98% white.
guy 1: wow, we've been here for 4 days and i dont think i've seen anyone who isnt white.
guy 2: we're in vermont, what the hell did you expect?
by kat22 December 31, 2010
a unique American state, bordering the Canadian province of Quebec. For a few years during the Revolution Vermont was an independent republic. Vermont has Lake Champlain (known for the Champ monster), the picturesque Green Mountains, snowy winters, cool people, clean air, and of course, its famous maple syrup industry.
On a Sunday I drove from Montreal to St. Alban's Bay, Vermont because I had never been to New England before. At the border is a sign that says "Welcome to the United States, Bienvenue Etat Unis". A nearby sign welcomes you to Vermont. I took a few shots of the Green Mountains panorama and the Champaign lake. I didn't see the Champ, however. When I returned to Canada the lady border patrol officer smiled when I showed her the bottle of Vermont syrup I got for my mom.
by rock'n'roller April 10, 2007
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