Vermont is an ok place. Nothing to exciting. Theres good skiing and snowboarding, but you may get lost on your way up to the mountain. The teenagers here are good looking, (depending on where your looking for them) DO NOT go up North or South looking for a hot girl, cause you won't find any (Red Neck City). They mostly live in the Chittenden County. The guys here are good looking, same w/ the girls don't go up north or south, stay mid-west. Vermont is also awesome for the stoners to come to (4/20 at UVM) and Ben and Jerry's! There is not much to do, so a lot go to Montreal and party there. Can't say much about the style of a typical vermonter. There are some very wealthy people that live here, and then there are some trailor trash people. So you might just want to come and check out vermont for yourself, because you won't expect what you think if you come to the Burlington area (chittend county is the places to stay in). Burlington is also known for its Ghetto neighborhoods.
Go Essex Hornets! Come to VT it isnt that bad of a place, cause i live here
by CorkyGirl41 May 19, 2005
Top Definition
A very windy state due to the fact that New Hampshire sucks and New York blows.
Timmy: Why is it so windy here in Vermont?
Becky: Because New Hampshire sucks and New York blows.
by teflondicky October 30, 2005
My home land.

The middle of nowhere.

The best place ever.
Representin.. VT, my man, my man.
by imaprettycoolbrunette February 10, 2005
mountain, ice cream, winding roads, moose, and pure beauty. a truely nice, but way too rural state
look at the great Vermont sceneary
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
a most excellent state with snowboarding, hiking, sking and of course has the fine the herb marijuana. you can always have a good time in vermont with a spliff in hand, jammin to phish and curing the munchies with a fine bit of ben and jerrys.
1: im bored man
2: same, whats there to do in vermont in the summer?
1: ill pack a bowl man and lets think
by childastray August 26, 2005
A state for all the stoners to retreat to. Vermont is hippie heaven, head shops, woods, mountains, kick ass skiing and riding. Though somewhat like a vortex when driving (everything looks the same, not that that is a bad thing).
This place inspired Super Troopers, it doesn't get better than that.
by Emilie S. May 09, 2005
Delicious ice cream,cheese, chocolate, friendly people (depending on what part), cute neighborhoods, beautiful landscapes, amazing hiking (long trail), some of the best skiing and riding around, a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities, a place to clear your head. If you like the snow, VT is a perfect place to be. The original hippy home sweet home!
MMMMmmmmmmMmM..... Vermont Cabot Cheese and Ben and Jerry's
by Elinor January 02, 2006
A quite beautiful state in Northeastern America. Home to hicks, chicks, and ice slicks. I lava VT! VT REPRESENT!
dude u see that foliage? thats vermont! It's so ill!
by Lindsay November 04, 2003

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