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A small town on the edge of Lake Erie that resides between Cedar Point and Cleveland. 70% of the population is old people, so prepare to do 35 in a 50 mph zone. All the girls in the High school are bitches and all the Guys are either Jock assholes, or nerdy people with no life. Sometime during the year, a lot of fish die and reside on the beach, making the whole town stink of rotting fish. Also, there isn't anything to do (or a decent store) for 25 miles.
Person 1: Wanna go do something fun?
Person 2: Like what? We live in Vermilion, Ohio FFS!
by Diseasemoore October 21, 2010
A small town between Cedar Point and Cleveland. We have a bowling alley, a river and Lake Erie.

Oh, and lots of bugs. Lots of them. I mean, LOTS.
Like, OMG. Have you ever been to Vermilion, Ohio? It's so boring!
by Sally Parkerton August 25, 2008