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Something that DID HAPPEN. When the iPhone 4 was released in February of 2k11. No one thought they would see the day but truth of the matter is, the iPhone was originally going to be launched on the Verizon network but Verizon wasn't keen on the way Apple wanted to run things. So Apple already had the technology built the iOS firmware just needed to be updated.

Whoever wrote the one saying it would never happen was obviously a little salty when it came out.
The iPhone that shocked the nerds across the world. Verizon iPhone.
Bob: Hey Im getting the iPhone.
Bill: I thought you have Verizon?
Bob: There making an iPhone 4 for Verizon
Bill:Really no way!
Bob: I think im gonna love the Verizon iPhone.
by LivDahhling August 13, 2011
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Something, that will never exist no matter how many hours a day Verizon wireless users spend blogging, whineing, and trolling the "Verizon Forums" and "Apple Discussions."
Reason 1: You can't just Jailbreak, unlock, and activate an iPhone on Verizon Wireless is because The iPhone uses GSM Technology, T-Mobile, and AT&T are the mobile carriers that use GSM in the United States. Verizon, Sprint, Criket, and most other carriers all use inferior CDMA technology. The iPhones hardware CANNOT run on a CDMA network, no matter what you do to it.
Reason 2: If Apple were to build a Verizon iPhone they would have to completelly re-write the mobile networking section of iOS to use the CDMA technology.

In the end: If there ever was a CDMA iPhone in existance, it was probably a first-generation prototype, that was built in 2005 before Apple had selcted an official carrier to sell the iPhone. If you were able to get a hold of this prototype (If it wasn't either destroyed or burried in Steve Jobs's basement), Apple would sue you faster than they sued the guy who found the iPhone 4 prototype earlier this year.
"Look at my Verizon iPhone!"
Dude, that's just a Droid, calm down.
by xyz1347 October 07, 2010

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