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VerifyMe is anoying forum troll commonly found on the World of WarCraft off-topic forum. He delights in correcting other peoples gramatical errors and spelling. He also takes delight in giving people a hard time by trying to get them banned.
VerifyMe is hitler's clone child. He is a gramatical tyrant.
by God_Shadowmoore July 05, 2004
a total douche bag who should rot in hell for all the sins he has commited against the world of warcraft off topic forums
Verifyme: oh no you broke the forum's terms of use, i better go bitch to the mods now

everyone else: wow you're a faggot
by squirrelyman July 05, 2004
An English teacher who posts on the Battle.net message boards and loves to help people with their grammatical and problems.
VerifyMe is my hero.
by OneL June 06, 2004