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Verble-ing: The act of installing a/c parts or hardware without having a clue as to whats going on or how to do it, skipping steps or reading the fucking pubs. usually causing more work for all other shifts, and pissing off 95% of your co-workers. Synonym: buddy fucker.
Example: 1:
A: who installed this leading edge without checking it first?
B: the other shift.
Example 2:
A: Did you verble check those tools or did you really look at them?
B: I verbled them
A: oh hell no check tat shit again.

A: who did the daily?
B: i did

A: did you check the tires?
B: not really i verbled them
A: oh well you're verble-ing them.
by You got Verbed May 20, 2011
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