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Verbal constipation is when you have a lot on your mind to say but you ether don't have the courage to say it or simply choose not to. Verbal constipation when pent up can cause depression, stress, anger and self doubt ETC.
Shane: Hey did Alex ever get that stuff off his chest to Danielle?

Josiah: No he has verbal constipation man... He haven't said a word and he is really down on himself.
by Oglefro July 04, 2013
A disease similar to Verbal Diarrhea (even though they spelt it wrong!) however instead of being unable to shup, the victim is unable to start talking, and cannot construct coherent words or phrases.
Letty-poo: I..... u.. h ..... ... ei.... h ......hs.....
Beccy-poo: dude, u have a serious case of verbal constipation
by beccy-poo July 28, 2004

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