Female version of tea-bagging.
I threw a dollar on the stage and the stripper Venus fly trapped it.
by Keen-1 February 01, 2010
When you hold your hand out(the venus flytrap) and a girl or guy puts their hand in yours(the fly)....therfore you are now holding hands.
Guy 1: Dude I really want to hold her hand.

Guy 2: You should use the venus flytrap.

Guy 1: Good idea, thanks
by Logan_De_Awsome November 23, 2008
A venus fly trap is a plant that results in the coolest laugh ever
"this is the venus fly trap" *riyrjeay laugh"
See nerd, orange-headed kid, afro
by Christopher Marcus ;P November 27, 2005
Before busting a nut, pulling out and shooting your load in her eyes. When she tries to open them it creates a Venus Flytrap in her eyelashes. Commonly used with a Spiderman
She couldn't see me leave the room after she had the Venus Flytrap going
by Cakes December 21, 2004
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