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The best band in the whole world! they are a hardcore synth band from Cali! The include Danny Heat, Brian Shame, Jon, and Gabe. check em out! :)
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
Absolutely one of the coolest band of kids on their side of the coast.
Now with new Guitar flavor!
Try for yourself! You wont be let down!
"GO, Go, Venus Diode!"
by Skizmatic Nick January 15, 2004
a very talented band from santa clarita, california. The band is filled with wonderful sound and darling little children :)
The kids came to the Venus Diode show excited and left amazed.Woooo!
by ? November 04, 2003
good band
Venus Diode is cool, Sugar Bomb.
by ? November 03, 2003
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