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1. A super sexy Roman goddess who became just a little bit slutty and a little bit arrogant. She was gorgeous and eternally youthful, with beautiful reddish-blonde hair and perfect complexion. She is the goddess of love, beauty and everything sexual. In other words, she was perfect. 100% utterly perfect. She was married to graceless dumbass Vulcan, the god of fire. Her true love was actually Mars, the god of war. Their child was gorgeous goddess Harmonia. Male counterpart is Cupid. In Greek mythology, known as Aphrodite.

2. Second planet from the sun, very hot. Usually known to people as red, but sometimes it is beige.

3. Professional African-American female tennis player. Has a sister, who also plays professional tennis, named Serena. Last name is Williams. Often known as the best female tennis players in the world.
1. Marc: Venus is the most perfect, loveliest person in the whole world.

2. Nardward the nerd: I am doing a project on the planet Venus for the anual Wylie Junior High science fair.

3. Jessie: Venus Williams is my role model. She is the best woman tennis player to ever walk this planet.
by J.F.K May 30, 2004
Second planet from the sun. Has a heavy atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Atmospheric pressire is nine times that of Earth's. Average temperature of 900 degrees.
Venus is more hospitable than Detroit.
by yfarf! July 20, 2003
Only planet in our solar system that spins clockwise.
Jupiter: :(
by Devawr March 18, 2011
Tall, very pale tone of olive skin, firey temper and often doesn't forgive very well. Knows all her strengths and weaknesses and uses this to her advantage. Complex to understand and rarely even opens up to people in the first place.
With a name like Venus, she just had to be unforgettable.
by Pixie xxxx March 24, 2009
Is a true Goddess in every sense of the word! Inside and out! Sincerity and honesty and a well balanced person. She is the most perfect girl! You can take her home to meet the folks and a naughty whore in the bedroom!
Very trustful but not very trusting. The brightest star in the sky and adored by all!
Venus is a descendent from planet Awesome!!!
by zeitgiest February 04, 2010
1.Roman goddess of love, chaste and otherwise worldly. Deriving from greek goddess Aphrodite.
2. Slutty goddess who slept around with most everyone in and out of Mt. Olympus.
"Venus must hate me! i haven't gotten laid in a greek century!"
by siescierto May 02, 2004
2. Second planet from the sun. Almost the size of Earth. At various points in the two planets' orbits it is visible in Earth's sky as the so-called morning or evening star. A runaway greenhouse effect has generated temperatures at the surface of around 480 degrees Centigrade, under an atmospheric pressure of around 90 bars, equivalent to the water pressure nearly one kilometre under the sea on Earth. Atmosphere mainly carbon dioxide, contains notable amounts of sulphur dioxide. Sulphuric acid virga (rain that re-evaporates in mid-air) falls from cloud deck about 30 miles above the surface. Diameter about 7,500 miles. Most surface features named for historic or mythical women. Various interesting surface features mapped by the Magellan probe's radar technology. Surface gravity 90 percent of that on Earth. No natural satellites. On current theories, Venus may be a portent of future conditions on Earth's surface as the sun brightens in ages to come. It may also serve as a warning of the (relatively modest but still highly undesirable) effects that carbon dioxide emissions by human industry may have on our own planetary environment.

2. The planet's namesake is the ancient Roman goddess of love, sex and beauty. Modelled on the Greek Aphrodite. One thoroughly industrial-strength bodacious babe. Shag her and die ... or die and shag her, whichever. Compare this image with the nature of the planet's surface and ponder that, as Freddie Mercury once put it, love kills.
Venus is looking really nice in the evening sky tonight.

Oh, Venus, please let me have Aurelia Calypyggia in my bed tonight.
by Fearman May 10, 2008
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