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Any time a popular character with a large fanbase is put in a film, but is not treated in a manner deserving of his/her status among fans. This is especially heinous when the character's appearence was one of the main hooks attracting people to see the film. So named after Venom's lackluster role in Spider-Man 3 despite his enourmous popularity and status as Spider-Man's greatest rival.
I thought the Cyborg Ninja would have played a bigger role in the Metal Gear Solid movie, but it looks like it was another case of Venom Syndrome.
by Gilgamesch May 18, 2007
Whenever a popular character gets shafted in a film adaptation. Named for the gross misuse of Venom in Spider-Man 3.
The comic-based film (take your pic) delegated most of the fan favorite characters to minor roles, becoming the worst case of Venom Syndrome to date.
by Boogie Knight May 17, 2007