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Colloquial term for a Vending machine.
I think my favorite machine at the gym is the vender.
by vjk2005 December 18, 2011
The abrieviation hearby meaning "Vending machine".
Also, to buy an item of confectionary from a vending machine. This often refers to buying a group of people confectionary for others, taking it in turns.
You are on venders this week
by Vender November 29, 2010
The kids in your high school who hang-out around, near, or on the vending machines for the majority of the lunch period.

Venders occasionally will hang-out around the vending machines in the morning as well.

The typical Vender usually falls under the stereotypes of: Scene, Preps, or Juggalos.
Damn Venders blocking the hallways! They make it impossible to get to third hour!
by Tyler Wickeden June 28, 2008