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A 60's/70's band fronted by the extremely talented and legendary lou reed and backed by otherwise mediocre musicians and entertainers. Many claim to have been tormented as children because of their listening to the band, and thus use the experience as the driving force behind the whole "you guys just dont get me" persona.
"Hey man, Im just going to go read some Catcher in the Rye while touching myself and then maybe put on the velvet underground album and drown myself in a puddle of my perpetual sorrow."
by JFru July 10, 2008
19 69
a rock & roll band of the late sixties, possibly the most influential band of all time.
the velvet underground was the greatest band of all time.
by Eric July 08, 2004
335 92
1.) Influential rock band from the 60's/early 70's which included Lou Reed and John Cale

2.)An infamous pornographic book
1.)You've probably heard a band influenced by the Velvet underground

2.) It's hard to find the book The Velvet Underground
by Dagon January 10, 2005
207 60
The most beautiful band ever
The music of The Velvet Underground is beautiful.
by Jay Hughes June 23, 2006
136 37
(1)a 70's rock band fronted by lou reed. often referred to as the 'godfathers of punk' although most people disagree. excellent musicians who music is still cherished and rocked out to this very day.
(2) a club on queen street west toronto
(1) sweet jane is one of my favourite velvet underground songs
(2) my brothers band is playing at the velvet underground on friday
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003
80 33
a slang term for vagina, popular in the 70's among metrosexual clubbers
'Can I wham my oingo boingo into your velvet underground?'
by b^a&t*e@m!a%n May 07, 2009
34 25
A vagina. In the family guy episode, where peter goes back in time with the help of death, and ruins his relationship with lois, brian asks lois if he can "ram his oingo boingo, into her velvet underground" referring to her vagina. Also, a kickass band.
Brian: lois, can I ram my oingo boingo, into your velvet underground?
Lois: I love velvet underground.
by curfry January 10, 2010
33 28
Common innuendo for anal sex.
Example:"That velvet underground really hurt"
by TheBlackBox April 18, 2013
5 3