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1) Great band.

2) Contrary to popular belief (as helped by Brian from Family Guy), the term "velvet underground" does not necessarily mean "vagina." In fact, it may come to a shock to most people that it is slang for the subculture of sadomasochism. That's right, the whole time you've been listening to the band you've actually been subconsciously supporting an underground S&M club.
Lou: Dude, are you into Velvet Underground?
Reed: Dude, since when have you been a sadomasochist? *Pushes Lou away, not wanting to get involved with whips and chains*
by aardvarksaysgo December 14, 2010
The woefully bad singer (even with Autotune) who can be characterized as being fickle and promoting underage drinking. However, the most threatening aspect is that her sudden celebrity offers encouragement to terrible pre-teen/early teen singers everywhere who hope to one day appear on Tosh.0.
Rebecca Black's biggest life decision that she makes daily is whether to sit in the front seat or the back seat of the convertible that her underage friend is driving, probably illegally. But this wouldn't matter as long as Rebecca Black can sit on the top of the trunk and has her awkward friend in pink dancing next to her.
by aardvarksaysgo March 28, 2011

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