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velia is a girl who can drive you crazy. Shes funny and uniqe and she super crazy shes her own person and doesn't take shit from anyone. She easy to love but a bitch! And is a huge tease.
velia great girl friend that veila! bitch! And a fuck buddy<3
by !?anonymous?! December 18, 2010
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african goddess with a big booty,
and which loves the white powder
You're hella velia right now
by dammmmmmmmm December 02, 2008
A variety of weapon on the game Champions Return to Arms for Playstation 2. A semi-rare kind of weapon which usually does average damage for its level.
Example one
Player one: "Dude look at this velium war pick"

Player two: "omg its better than my sharp two-handed velium sword of the beaver!"

Example two
Person one: "I found this sick weapon when I was playing champions yesterday"
Person two: "Is it velium?"
Person one: "No"
Person two: "Gay"
by the master bator 01 September 26, 2010

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