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Vegugly is the term directed towards a person whom, consumes a lot of “non-real” food. And is usually a very lonely an depressed kind of person. Who are usually unemployed an has a really foul look to themselves. You can usually find these people in holes or at home asking there mothers to make them a bean burrito. These people are usually by themselves for there entire life. There lack of protein makes them a lot slower and clumsy then “real people”. Whenever you find a person like this on the street point and laugh and then freely beat them up. They are a danger towards society and they must be stopped before any more of these ugly things can multiply. And the last thing you want is these people having intercourse with one another. The last thing we need on this earth is another Joe Richards, even though we love you Joe, this madness has to stop. Your people have to die. In conclusion to this little bit of information, do not let your kids and or pets near these wild people, all we need is our family turning into one of them.

A message from those who care.
Joe is a vegugly loves carrots up his bum bum
by Dunkin Donuts May 26, 2006
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