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A vegiquarium is a person who eats non-animal products and also meat from fresh or salt water dwelling animals.

Consumption is usually limited to fish and other animals capable of respiration in water and would not animals include semi-aquatic such as water fowl, otters, hippopotamus etc.

See: Pescotarian (synonym)

Vegiquarium is a compound word made from the concatenation of vegi (abbreviated form of vegetarian) and quarium (the abbreviated form of aquarium)
Bob: Would you like some blood pudding?
Silvia: Is it fish blood and guts?
Bob: No, ewww that's gross.
Silvia: I think I'll pass then.

Q. Would you like some hippopotamus steak?
A. No thanks, I'm a vegiquarium.
by dr_seuss June 22, 2008

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