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The "Vegas Guy" is an entertainment broker/consultant. Ideally, this individual has the connections to get you where you want to be 24/7 in Vegas at an economical price no matter the time of the demand. He/She also has insider knowledge of the best places (activity independent) to be at a certain time and can make recommendations that improve your overall Vegas experience. Usually a Vegas resident (either born there or has lived there for at least 3 years), the Vegas Guy is essential to epic nights at the clubs especially when it's overcrowded in Vegas (NYE, President's Day Weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.).
Brosef 1: My Vegas Guy got me to the front of the line at Tao for New Year's Eve. It was so cool walking past the entire line of 500 people that had no chance of getting in the club.

Brosef 2: How much did it cost?

Brosef 1: Only $250 each including bottle service for the group.

Brosef 2: Wow, that's expensive

Brosef 1: Not if you partied like I did once we were inside at our VIP cabana!
by skiball1229 February 08, 2011
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