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VegFest is an annual vegan taste-fest in Michigan that takes place in Novi, Michigan; it's former location was in Ferndale, Michigan. It supports awareness and education on the three major reasons to go vegetarian. (Personal health, the planet, the animals) while providing speakers, panels and cooking demonstrations to persuade and educate.

VegFest has been known to feature big names such as: John Salley (former NBA star;actor; show-host), Rory Freedman (author of SKINNY BITCH), Tal Ronnen (Oprah's personal chef), Harry Pianko (president of VegMichigan), Lydia Huston (personal vegan chef), Jim Corcoran (co-founder of VegMichigan), Dr. Joel Kahn (MD;FACC;FACP;FSCAI), Nathen Runkle (founder of MERCY FOR ANIMALS), and Olivia Neilson (child activist).

Overall, a very successful and worth-while event!
i went to vegfest and became vegan!
by 78jklgh July 21, 2011