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Veera, the most amazing person in the world. She lives her life as if she is the only person alive. An American Finnish girl who understands the meaning of chizzy. Veera makes the world go round. Veera=Life. Life=Veera. Her natural ability to annoy people is awesome. She can take a day and turn it into a year. But if she likes you then your day will pass as fast as a bee swarming into the honey.
Veera is so amazing that this example was blocked.
by CoughCough345 October 24, 2011
An awesome Finnish-American girl, usually blonde, with blue eyes, and freckles. She's funny and loving, loyal and smart. But with a secret, wild side which would knock you off your feet, and make you forget your name.
"When are we hanging out with your friend Veera again? She's awesome!"
by finn girl July 10, 2008
A cheating, boring, one tree hill loving bitch who is fat but thinks she's sexy.
Nani - Lets watch one tree hill.
Me - fuck you! don't be a veera.
by oth bitch October 10, 2011
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